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for Entrepreneurs

Eureka Asia is an E-Commerce & O2O Hub that helps all types of products to promote their products to Malaysia, South East Asia distributors and customers. Example F&B, Clothing, Healthy & Beauty, Electronic and Automotive.


Why Eureka ?

for Entrepreneurs

Eureka Asia is looking for someone who wants to be a distributor, create a mini franchise, be a dropship and learn about internet marketing. Eureka is the platform on which collaborated with several companies from various industries.

Through this platform, the entrepreneur’s easy to start a business because the product is available. The products consist of companies that collaborate with us. Eureka also not only focuses on sales, but there are many activities and training provided by us to further cultivate the talent of entrepreneurs to become successful entrepreneurs.


Benefits of Eureka

Eureka support programs will escalate your entrepreneurship

FREE Virtual Office and complimentary work space

For successful applicants for our Entrepreneurship Program , we will provide a FREE Virtual Office address for your business.

Customer Database

We have a list of potential customer base for you to start promoting and get new customers.

Variety choices of product to market

We are working with various suppliers / manufacturers to provide you the best range of products for your to kickstart your business.

Training provided

Eureka is a Entrepreneur incubator , therefore for our standpoint , we will assist you to build your business , in which also includes extensive trainings to help scale your business.

Ready to KickStart your Business entrepreneurship journey ?

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